How to prevent poor terminal block fixing

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1.interchangeability check

Interchangeability checks are a dynamic check. It requires that the same series of plugs and sockets can be mated to each other, and it is found that there is no difference in the size of the insulators, contacts, etc., the missing parts or the assembly is not in place, etc., which cannot be inserted, positioned and locked. Even under the action of the rotating force, it causes disintegration. Another function of the interchangeability check is to find out whether there are metal surpluses that affect the insulation performance by plugging and unplugging the threads and the bayonet. Therefore, the connection terminals for some important purposes should be 100% checked to avoid such major fatal failures.

2.torque resistance check

Torque resistance inspection is a very effective inspection method to assess the reliability of the terminal structure. Such as the US military standard MIL-L-39012 standard provisions. According to the standard, each batch should be sampled for torque resistance inspection, and problems should be discovered in time.

3.General measurement of crimped wires

In the electrical installation, it is often found that the individual core crimping wires are not in place, or cannot be locked after being sent to the position, and the contact is unreliable. The reason for the analysis is that there are burrs or dirt stuck in the screw holes of the individual mounting holes. In particular, the last mounting holes of the factory have been electrically mounted to a plug socket. It is found that after the ills, the other crimped wires of the other holes have to be unloaded one by one, and the plug holder is replaced again. In addition, due to the improper matching of the wire diameter and the crimping aperture, or due to the operation of the crimping process, the crimping end is not secure. To this end, the manufacturer shall pass all the mounting holes of the sample of the plug (seat) of the delivery before the finished product leaves the factory, that is, use the loading and unloading tool to simulate the wire crimped with the pin or the jack to the position, check whether Locked. According to the technical requirements of the product, the pull-out force of the crimping wires is checked one by one.


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How to prevent poor terminal block fixing

1.interchangeability check Interchangeability checks are a dynamic check. It requires that the same series of plugs and sockets can be mate

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